At bitFlyer, we’re firm believers in the potential for cryptocurrencies to transform our financial system and ultimately, the way we live our daily lives.

Since we launched bitFlyer USA, our focus has been providing active traders a powerful and reliable trading platform with bitFlyer Lightning. As we continue working towards our vision of a blockchain-powered world, we believe it is key to remove the barriers to entry that many individuals face today when trying to access cryptocurrencies, including simple and secure on-ramps.

That is why we’re excited to announce the launch of Direct Buy/Sell – a simple, intuitive way to buy and sell bitcoin with USD.

In addition to buying and selling bitcoin, users will be able to review historical price data, and set alerts that will notify them once the price moves above or below their indicated price. Additionally, Direct Buy/Sell users will enjoy existing features such as sending and receiving bitcoin, account funding via ACH, and more – all supported with the level of security and expertise that has defined our company since we were founded in Japan in 2014.

In the coming months, we will be rolling out many more currencies, products and features that will aim to improve the overall bitFlyer experience and give more value to our customers. Our mission is to expand the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies around the world, and we believe offering an easy, reliable on-ramp is a key component in achieving that goal.

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